*Independent Contractor Registration Form - Contractor Portion🔒

Independent Contractors must complete this registration form or payment will be delayed.

The Independent Contractor registration process requires both the Department and Contractor form to be completed.


*Independent Contractor Registration Form - Department Portion

A DLC representative is required to complete this registration form when registering an Independent Contractor.

The Independent Contractor registration process requires both the Department and Contractor form to be completed.

*New Supplier Registration Form-Domestic (U.S.)🔒

Domestic Suppliers (excluding Independent Contractors) must complete this registration form or payment will be delayed.

An electronic version of form W-9 is also required.

*New Supplier Registration Form-International🔒

International Suppliers must complete this registration form or payment will be delayed.

*Selection of Source Form🔒

Use this new Selection of Source webform for purchases exceeding $10,000 to document your supplier selection process. This form is not required when procuring from an MIT Preferred Supplier.

*Statement of Work Template🔒

A template for statement of work

2017 Travel Card Expense Reporting Policy Summary

See revisions to the MIT Travel Policy that address expense reporting responsibilities for MIT Travel Cardholders, effective January 3, 2017.

2018 - New! Traveling for MIT on a Federally Funded Award

This two-page guide addresses essential information you need to know before you take off, explains how to expense multipurpose trips and lists allowable expenses that can be charged to a sponsor, followed by a list of unallowable expenses that cannot be charged to a sponsor.

2018 IRS W-4 Form🔒

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released the updated W-4 form and Withholding Calculator, which are now aligned with the changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

As your employer, MIT recommends you review your withholdings whenever you have a major life change (marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, new job, significant changes in income or other changes to your personal finances), or if after filing your taxes each year, you want to adjust (for either over withholding or under withholding). Given the significant changes in the new tax law, VPF HR/Payroll concurs with the IRS and strongly suggests you review your federal tax withholding amounts for 2018.

A comprehensive FAQ on using the Withholding Calculator is posted on the IRS website.

Academic Trend Reports
  • Use these trend reporting tools to help with budgeting, forecasting and/or other financial analyses.
  • Interactive financial trend reports by DLC, profit center, cost object, fund type, and other variables. 
  • Brio/Excel based tools (One Brio query and Two Excel Templates, which are fed by the Brio results).
Active G/L accounts

Use this form to see all active G/L accounts.

Budget Change Form🔒

To request a budget change, contact the budget officer for your DLC or by using NIMBUS BTR. For larger volume transaction uploads, use this form.

Budget Cycle Roadmap🔒

The Budget Cycle Roadmap provides financial officers with month-by-month insight into each of the major budget-related milestones in the fiscal year and is now available on the VPF website. Budget officers will reach out to DLCs in advance of each major milestone with additional information on any deliverable or action required. Please contact your budget officer with any questions.

Buy-to-Pay (B2P) Online Training Series

This new online training series provides detailed information on how to use the B2P system.

Start with B2P Basics, and move on to courses on specific topics: Shopping & Creating a Requisition, Tracking & Changing an Order, Approving, Tracking Invoices & Payments, and B2P Views.

Capitalized Software Form E-DS2

Refer to this form for accounting guidelines for costs related to computer software development.

Check Deposit Form

Download this form to deposit non-gift checks.

Cognos Aging Report

Follow these instructions to run an aging report via Cognos.