Active G/L accounts

Use this form to see all active G/L accounts.

Capitalized Software Form E-DS2

Refer to this form for accounting guidelines for costs related to computer software development.

Cognos Aging Report

Follow these instructions to run an aging report via Cognos.

Determine a Billing Type

Follow these instructions to determine a billing type.

Determine Customer Number

Follow these instructions to determine a customer number.

FRC Quickguide🔒

Refer to this guide to Financial Review and Control procedures.

FRC Sign Off Form example

See this example of a sign off form for FRC.

Fundamentals of Financial Management Course Booklet🔒

Class booklet for Fundamentals of Financial Management course, designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in a position with fiscal responsibilities.


FY 2018 Year End Closing Schedule

Review the FY18 closing schedule for key dates in this process.

Home Depot Tax Exempt Form🔒

Present this tax exempt form when making MIT purchases at a Home Depot store in Massachusetts.

IRS-MIT Tax Exempt Determination Letter🔒

IRS  MIT Tax Exempt Determination Letter

Massachusetts State Tax Exempt Form ST-2🔒

This form certifies MIT's tax exempt status in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts State Tax Exempt Form ST-5🔒

Use this form when purchasing goods for MIT.

Massachusetts State Tax Exempt Form ST-5C🔒

Use this form for sub-contractors purchasing on behalf of MIT.

Master Data Request (Non-WBS)

Use this form to create, modify, or close a cost object.