Active G/L accounts (Excel)🔒

See all active G/L accounts in this Excel spreadsheet.

Updated: November 10, 2020


Active G/L accounts (PDF)🔒

See all active G/L accounts. (PDF)

Updated: November 10, 2020


Calendar Year 2023 HR/Payroll Cutoff Schedule🔒

Review this schedule for a quick overview of Calendar Year 2023 key monthly payroll cutoff dates, including late distribution changes, HR transactions, eSDS changes, salary certification, and pay dates.

Updated 11/14/22


Calendar Year 2023 Payroll Calendar by week🔒

See this schedule for a complete list of HR/Payroll runs in 2023, for weekly and semimonthly paydates.

Updated 11/16/22


Financial Information for Graduate Students

Review this guide to general tax information for fellowships and RA/TA Assistantships.


Financial Information for Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates

Review this guide to general tax information for postdoctoral fellowships or postdoctoral associates.


Fiscal Year 2023 Weekly Payroll Calendar🔒

Note: Months that have five weeks are highlighted in yellow.

updated: 7/20/2022


G/L Accounts for Reduced EB🔒

Use this form to find G/L accounts for reduced EB.


G/L chart for Students and other🔒

Use this form to find G/L accounts for student payroll.


Impact of Switching from PDA to PDF Appointment (or Vice Versa)

Refer to this table to compare tax implications of PDA and PDF appointments. (updated 6/28/18)


Income Tax Filing for Foreign Residents and Nonresidents FAQ

Learn specific tax filing responsibilities for foreign residents and nonresidents.


IRS Tax Withholding Form W-4🔒

If you are a new employee, you need to fill out the IRS W-4 Form when you are hired so that MIT can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay. You can download the form from the link above.

The IRS suggests you review your federal tax withholding amounts annually. It provides a Tax Withholding Estimator and related information on its website.

The IRS and VPF HR/Payroll recommend you review your withholdings whenever you have a major life change (marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, new job, significant changes in income or other changes to your personal finances), or if after filing your taxes each year, you want to adjust (for either over withholding or under withholding).

If you need to make changes, you can download the same form and resubmit it by mail to:

MIT Office of the Vice President for Finance
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Building NE49-4000
Cambridge, MA 02139

or by fax to:



Late Distribution Change Tips

Review these tips to salary distribution changes.


Late Payroll Change Quick Card🔒

Use this Quickcard to learn how to fill out the Late Change Salary Allocation form.


M4-MA Exemption Certificate

Use this form to claim exemptions for your Massachusetts State Income Tax.


Massachusetts Residency and Tax Treatment of Non-Residents Form🔒

MIT employees who are residing temporarily or permanently in a state other than Massachusetts can use this form to change their state of residency or indicate an income tax withholding election.


NIH Salary Cap Summer Appointment Spreadsheet🔒

A PI should use the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Summer Appointment Spreadsheet if all of the following are true:

  1. they plan to charge summer salary to an NIH award,
  2. their Institute Base Salary is above the NIH salary cap, and
  3. they choose not to use or do not have sufficient discretionary funds to cover the gap between their salary and the NIH salary cap.

If a PI chooses to use a mix of NIH and other funding but will not cover the total gap between salary cap and salary, reach out to for more instructions. All other appointments should be created in the summer appointment application on Atlas as usual.


Payroll Deduction Authorization Form to Reimburse MIT

Use this form to authorize HR/Payroll to deduct funds you owe MIT if you have personal expenses charged to your MIT Travel Card.


Semimonthly G/L Chart🔒

Use this form to find G/L accounts for semimonthly payroll.