2018 IRS W-4 Form🔒

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released the updated W-4 form and Withholding Calculator, which are now aligned with the changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

As your employer, MIT recommends you review your withholdings whenever you have a major life change (marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, new job, significant changes in income or other changes to your personal finances), or if after filing your taxes each year, you want to adjust (for either over withholding or under withholding). Given the significant changes in the new tax law, VPF HR/Payroll concurs with the IRS and strongly suggests you review your federal tax withholding amounts for 2018.

A comprehensive FAQ on using the Withholding Calculator is posted on the IRS website.

Calendar 2020 HR/Payroll Cutoff Schedule 🔒

Review this form for a quick overview of Calendar Year 2020 key monthly payroll cutoff dates, including late distribution changes, HR transactions, eSDS changes, salary certification, and pay dates.

(updated 12/27/19)

Direct Deposit Form🔒

Use this form to set up direct deposit of your paycheck.

Direct Deposit Quick Card

Use this Quickcard to learn how to set up Direct Deposit.

Financial Information for Graduate Students

Review this guide to general tax information for fellowships and RA/TA Assistantships.

Financial Information for Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates

Review this guide to general tax information for postdoctoral fellowships or postdoctoral associates.

Fiscal Year 2020 Payroll Week Calendar🔒

Note: Months that have five weeks are highlighted in yellow.


updated 12/27/19

Form W4 Allowance Certificate

Use this form for Federal tax withholding.

G/L Accounts for Reduced EB

Use this form to find G/L accounts for reduced EB.

G/L chart for Students and other

Use this form to find G/L accounts for student payroll.

Impact of Switching from PDA to PDF Appointment (or Vice Versa)

Refer to this table to compare tax implications of PDA and PDF appointments. (updated 6/28/18)

Income Tax Filing for Foreign Residents and Nonresidents FAQ

Learn specific tax filing responsibilities for foreign residents and nonresidents.

Late Distribution Change Tips

Review these tips to salary distribution changes.

Late Payroll Change Quick Card🔒

Use this Quickcard to learn how to fill out the Late Change Salary Allocation form.

List of G/L Accounts

Refer to this list of G/L accounts to see their specific uses.

M4-MA Exemption Certificate

Use this form to claim exemptions for your Massachusetts State Income Tax.

Monthly G/L Chart

Use this form to find G/L accounts for monthly payroll.

Request for a Paper Paystub

Use this form if you wish to receive paper paystubs from MIT.

Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer

General guidance on how to choose a tax preparer to file your personal federal and state taxes.