2018 Calendar at A Glance

Use this calendar to view 2018 Institute holidays and 2018 pay weeks by number.

2018 HR/Payroll Cutoff Schedule

Review this form for a quick overview of Calendar Year 2018 key monthly payroll cutoff dates, including late distribution changes, HR transactions, eSDS changes, salary certification, and pay dates.


Monthly Payroll for January-March 2018

Semimonthly Payroll for April-December 2018

G/L Accounts for Reduced EB

Use this form to find G/L accounts for reduced EB.

Late Distribution Change Tips

Review these tips to salary distribution changes.

Late Payroll Change Quick Card

Use this Quick Card to learn how to fill out the Late Change Salary Allocation form.

List of G/L Accounts

Refer to this list of G/L accounts to see their specific uses.

Monthly G/L Chart

Use this form to find G/L accounts for monthly payroll.

Weekly G/L Accounts

Use this form to find G/L accounts for weekly payroll.