2018 Calendar at A Glance

Use this calendar to view 2018 Institute holidays and 2018 pay weeks by number.

2018 HR/Payroll Cutoff Schedule

Review this form for a quick overview of Calendar Year 2018 key monthly payroll cutoff dates, including late distribution changes, HR transactions, eSDS changes, salary certification, and pay dates.


Monthly Payroll for January-March 2018

Semimonthly Payroll for April-December 2018

G/L Accounts for Reduced EB

Use this form to find G/L accounts for reduced EB.

Late Distribution Change Tips

Review these tips to salary distribution changes.

Late Payroll Change Quick Card🔒

Use this Quick Card to learn how to fill out the Late Change Salary Allocation form.

List of G/L Accounts

Refer to this list of G/L accounts to see their specific uses.

Monthly G/L Chart

Use this form to find G/L accounts for monthly payroll.

Weekly G/L Accounts

Use this form to find G/L accounts for weekly payroll.