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published on 6/19/2018
VPF’s main reception area has moved to a permanent location on the 
published on 6/19/2018
Helping Our Community Understand the Rules and Tools of Finance at MIT
published on 6/1/2018
MIT recently revised its travel policy in an effort to address the challenges a
published on 7/30/2017
When online travel sites arrived on the scene, travelers flocked to them to book their own leisur
published on 7/13/2021
MIT is changing its process for printing and distributing paystubs and paychecks.
published on 6/14/2021
published on 2/1/2021
Airgas has informed VPF that deliveries migh
published on 1/21/2021
VPF HR/Payroll is on hand to address tax treaty questions.
published on 10/1/2020
Continuously Meeting the Challenge of Finding Great Temps
published on 9/8/2020
The Northeast region of the U.S.