New supplier request forms added to Buy-To-Pay

Publication Date

VPF’s Accounts Payable and Financial Systems teams recently implemented changes to the process for requesting a new supplier, which are designed to streamline the process and enable the supplier to submit information and tax forms directly into Buy-to-Pay (B2P) Coupa Supplier Portal.

This change makes it easy for community members to request new U.S. and international suppliers as well as independent contractors directly through B2P by completing a New Supplier form (in the Forms drop-down menu) with the supplier’s name and contact information. VPF teams take it from there by sending a request to the supplier asking them to complete an online profile and include tax information and forms, payment method preferences, and note their status as a small, diverse, or sustainable business. When the supplier has provided all requested information, B2P will generate a notice and send it to the community member indicating that the new supplier is now set up and available to do business with MIT.

This new process will better support the onboarding process for suppliers, remove the burden from DLC staff for tracking down information on suppliers, and ensure that all sensitive financial information is safely stored on the secure Buy-to-Pay Coupa Supplier Portal.

Updated instructions on how to add a new supplier are available on the VPF website. Please reach out to with any questions.