Types of Tax Forms You May Receive from MIT (Suppliers)

Tax reporting documents (1042-S) are a record of payments received and your taxes paid in the prior calendar year. Payments of a particular income type (and from the same payment system) are aggregated in a single tax-reporting document, which is issued depending on:


MIT will not issue a tax reporting document for payments to nonresident aliens for work performed outside of the U.S. because these payments are exempt from taxation.


  • IRS 1042-S: Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding

Year-end summary of payments to foreign nationals covered by a tax treaty or certain payments (e.g. honoraria, prizes, awards, fellowships) to foreign nationals, which had federal income tax withheld

Form 1042-S is distributed via U.S. mail.

For more information, see the chart on the Learn about Grants, Stipends, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Other Types of Payments page of the VPF website.

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