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published on 4/16/2019
Financial Administrators can view VPF Travel Expense Reports that show real-time reporting
published on 4/16/2019
VPF Strategic Sourcing has negotiated discount rates for MIT with a dozen Cambridge and Bos
published on 3/12/2019
The MIT International Coordinating Committee (ICC) is hosting Travel Abroad T
published on 2/14/2019
Global life sciences company Abcam is now an 
published on 2/13/2019
It's February, but that crunching sound you hear isn't snow under your boots (for now).
published on 2/13/2019
VPF Tax and Global Operations and HR/Payroll will host a series of Tax Workshops for reside
published on 2/13/2019
Julia Topalian has been named VPF Director of Gift Administration and Recording Secretary.
published on 1/28/2019
When applying for an MIT Procurement Card (ProCard), be sure to use the newest versio
published on 1/15/2019
For each calendar year that a student is enrolled at MIT,
published on 1/11/2019
The VPF Budget and Financial Analysis (B&FA) team is hosting training sessi