The Administrative Services and Operations (ASO) team supports the broader work of VPF by providing the tools, training, and support the office needs to carry out its mission. ASO also supports mechanisms for two-way communication between VPF and the greater MIT community.
Administrative services and operations

ASO staff provide an array of services and functions that keep the 165-person VPF organization running, including human resources, communications, as well as VPF’s own finance, budgeting, space accounting, operations, safety and emergency planning, and IT desktop support.

The HR team oversees all human resources functions for VPF and cultivates a culture of diversity, inclusion, and growth and development. It provides ongoing staff training, examines organizational structure, and works to enhance organizational effectiveness and development.

The Communications team is charged with communicating VPF news, policies, and general information to MIT and manages internal communications and messaging. It produces the VPF Statement, a newsletter to the MIT administrative and finance community, oversees the VPF website, and creates materials for presentations, publications, and campus events.

ASO’s cross-cutting teams work throughout VPF to support a collaborative, efficient, and effective working environment for all.