Financial Systems provides guidance on implementing, maintaining, and enhancing financial systems that enable the Institute to carry out financial functions.
Systems and Data

The Financial Systems team manages systems that enable a range of activities at MIT, including but not limited to: paying faculty and staff, purchasing goods and services, and accounting for revenues, expenditures, and other dynamics depicted on the Institute’s financial statements.

The team works to ensure the Institute’s financial systems are well-supported, well-integrated and continually improved. The team responds to changing needs and new technologies and offers smart solutions to the MIT community with the goal to provide agile, flexible, and user-friendly financial systems capable of enabling diverse and complex financial activity.

VPF Financial Systems is vigilant when new systems are introduced or changes to existing systems are made, knowing that sometimes a small change designed to improve one system can impact others down the line. When a system breaks or fails, they fix it, test and retest, and find the root cause of the problem.