The Tax and Global Operations (TGO) team ensures MIT’s compliance with federal, state, local, and international tax laws, and manages the Institute’s tax risks and liabilities. In addition, TGO works with colleagues across the Institute to provide finance and accounting support and guidance for MIT projects, entities, or individual placements operating outside of the U.S.

Tax and Global Operations is charged with administering all MIT’s tax filings and provides U.S. and international tax expertise and strategy to support the Institute’s operations. While the team is focused on MIT’s responsibilities as a taxpayer, it nonetheless fields many inquiries about employee or student taxes. TGO hosts annual Tax Workshops for students and scholars, in collaboration with Student Financial Services, the International Scholars Office, the International Students Office, the Office of Graduate Education, and VPF’s HR/Payroll team. In addition, TGO manages the Tax Guidance for Nonresident Aliens website on behalf of multiple collaborators.

TGO works closely with the MIT Investment Management Company (MITIMCo), providing tax advice and strategy in the early stages of new partnerships and investment agreements. They document income from MITIMCo’s investments in U.S. financial markets and real estate and then file tax returns in the states where these investments generate income.

The team advises on MIT’s legal, tax, and employer responsibilities, and on local regulatory filings in countries where the Institute has a legal entity, is conducting research, is receiving philanthropic support, or has placed an employee on assignment. It facilitates financial and operational processes in 37 countries. The team’s current portfolio of projects includes MIT’s engagement with the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), the UK Foundation, the Hong Kong Foundation and related Innovation Node, the MIT Press UK, and the MIT Chile Foundation.

Tax and Global Operations collaborates with a full spectrum of entities within MIT, including the Associate Provost for International Affairs, the International Coordinating Committee, the Office of the General Counsel, MIT International, the Office of the Vice President for Research and directorates within VPF, and, as such, serves as a focal point for domestic and international issues dealing with finance, accounting, and tax. This team administers the International People Placement (IPP) process for the Institute.