How long does it take for an RFP (request for payment invoice or reimbursement) to be paid?

Accounts Payable makes every attempt to pay RFP invoices and reimbursements within three to five business days after the RFP has been received. If an RFP needs to be paid sooner, Accounts Payable needs to be informed of the date when the payment is needed to ensure the payment will be ready.

While reconciling my detail transaction report, I noticed a charge that wasn’t mine. Do I have to do a journal voucher?

In the event an incorrect charge is made against your cost object, contact Accounts Payable, 617-253-7000, or send an email providing the cost object that was charged in error, the amount and the month the charge appeared on your statement. We will review the charge in question and if a mistake was made in charging your cost object we will remove or correct the charge to the appropriate cost object .

I need a payment today; is this possible?

“Fast checks" are available on an emergency basis only. Whenever possible, you should try to plan ahead to ensure a payment will be issued by the day you need it. An advance call to the Accounts Payable office is appreciated before coming over for a fast check.

Does MIT reimburse for sales tax?

Generally, no. Be sure to bring MIT's sales tax form to the vendor if purchase must be made with your own credit card or cash.

Why do I need a Selection of Source & Price Justification form?

For each purchase over $10,000, the Selection of Source & Price Justification form documents why you chose the supplier you selected to ensure that you have met MIT’s requirements for competition; see Buying and Paying Policies, Section 6.00.

Who is responsible for signing hotel contracts?

VPF Contract Advisors are authorized agents to sign any supplier contract on behalf of MIT. DLC staff do not have the authorization to sign supplier contracts on behalf of MIT.

I have a blanket order and there is still money remaining. Can I extend the period of commitment to the following year?

No. Only under special circumstances can the time period for a blanket order cover a period longer than one fiscal year.

How can I get a hard copy of a purchase order to send to the supplier?

All purchase orders are automatically sent to the supplier via email or cXML once the requisition has been fully approved. To view the supplier version of a PO, you can open the PO in B2P and click Supplier Print View.

How are Procurement Card charges verified?

Each cardholder will need to have someone within his/her department be a verifier. This verifier will be able to review all Procurement Card charges online in SAP for their cardholder(s). They will have 21 days to review, reallocate and approve the charges.

Can I use the Procurement Card to make food purchases?

No. The Procurement Card cannot be used for travel-related purchases. The purchase will be blocked at the point of sale for hotel and airline transactions. All travel-related purchases should be done using the MIT Travel Card. You can contact the travel office for additional details.

All of the invoices on my purchase order have been paid, but there is still money remaining on the PO. What can I do to close out the PO?

Send an e-mail to purchase order closeout containing the purchase order number you wish to close.

I created a requisition but still don't see a buyer assigned to it. Why haven't I received a purchase order?

To see where your requisition is in the approval process, open it up in B2P and scroll down to the Approval Chain. The current approval group will be highlighted in blue. Hover your cursor over the name of the approval group to view the names of the people authorized to approve your requisition.

I created a requisition and a buyer is assigned to it. Why hasn't the purchase order number been issued yet?

There are reasons why the creation of a purchase order would be delayed. Contact the specific buyer assigned to your requisition to determine if additional documentation is required.

How long does it take for a PO invoice to be paid?

Standard payment terms for invoices are 30 days from the invoice date (date the goods were received or services rendered). If an invoice is received after 30 days from the invoice date, Accounts Payable makes every attempt to remit payment within three to five business days after the invoice has been received.

How can someone approve in B2P on my behalf if I am planning to be away from work?

Approvers can go to Settings > Delegates to delegate approvers for times they will not be accessing the system. Go to [Your Name] in the upper right and select Settings. Under Delegates, assign the individual who can approve on your behalf and the timeframe you will be away. Note that this setting makes no changes to the Roles Database; it is a temporary authorization set from within the B2P system.

I received a B2P invoice directly from a supplier – what should I do with it?

If the invoice was attached to an email or sent in paper form, send the invoice as an email attachment to Include only a single invoice attached as a PDF, leave the body blank, and be sure the PO number is included on the invoice. Do not stamp or sign the invoice, as the invoice will be going through your approval workflow electronically once AP enters it into the B2P system. (Applies only for invoices on B2P POs; pre-B2P PO invoices should be processed with stamp/signature.)