Why do I need a Selection of Source & Price Justification form?

For each purchase over $10,000, the Selection of Source & Price Justification form documents why you chose the supplier you selected to ensure that you have met MIT’s requirements for competition; see Buying and Paying Policies, Section 6.00.

Who is responsible for signing hotel contracts?

Procurement Office Contract Administrators are authorized agents to sign any supplier contract on behalf of MIT. DLC personnel do not have the authorization to sign supplier contracts on behalf of MIT.

What are the limits of the Procurement card?

The maximum transaction limit allowed is $3,000 and the monthly spending limit is $15,000. A department can request any limit up to the maximum allowed.

Since the ProCard will be issued in my name, will this affect my credit rating?

No. Although the card will be issued in your name, it is actually the property of MIT and will in no way affect your credit rating.

How do I change a supplier address for an existing supplier?

Please send an email to newvendor@mit.edu with supplier # (if available), supplier name, and the new address. Additionally, to meet IRS requirements and auditing guidelines, a W-9 form is required from the supplier.

How do I get a new supplier entered into the system?

If you cannot find the supplier you are looking for in the Write tab of B2P, enter New Supplier in the Supplier field. In the Comments section of the requisition, enter the supplier’s name, email address, and phone number. VPF will create the supplier before processing the requisition.

How do I find out which products a supplier sells?

Please check out Preferred & Internal Supplier Search for a list of MIT Preferred suppliers with their contact information and links to websites.

Can I use the Procurement Card to make food purchases?

No. The Procurement Card cannot be used for travel-related purchases. The purchase will be blocked at the point of sale for hotel and airline transactions. All travel-related purchases should be done using the MIT Travel Card. You can contact the travel office for additional details.

I created a requisition but still don't see a buyer assigned to it. Why haven't I received a purchase order?

To see where your requisition is in the approval process, open it up in B2P and scroll down to the Approval Chain. The current approval group will be highlighted in blue. Hover your cursor over the name of the approval group to view the names of the people authorized to approve your requisition.

I created a requisition and a buyer is assigned to it. Why hasn't the purchase order number been issued yet?

There are reasons why the creation of a purchase order would be delayed. Contact the specific buyer assigned to your requisition to determine if additional documentation is required.

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