Who is responsible for signing hotel contracts?

VPF Contract Advisors are authorized agents to sign any supplier contract on behalf of MIT. DLC staff do not have the authorization to sign supplier contracts on behalf of MIT.

How do I get help for using MIT Online Travel Booking and Expense Reporting System?

Contact VPF Travel at travelsupport@mit.edu or come to the Travel Drop-in Sessions, Wednesday, 10–11 am in NE49-3100.

How long does it take to receive reimbursement?

If the traveler has direct deposit with MIT HR/Payroll they will receive a reimbursement several days after it is approved for payment. If a traveler is reimbursed though a guest expense report they will receive a check in seven to ten days.

How is airline ticket fulfillment handled?

When you use the MIT Online Travel Booking and Expense Reporting System to reserve your flights, MIT’s preferred travel agency, The Travel Collaborative, will handle fulfillment/ticketing in the same manner as a phone reservation. Electronic tickets are issued unless otherwise requested.

Can I add a car or hotel to an airline reservation after it is booked?

Yes, you can make changes before your ticket is issued. To add or modify your trip, click the name of the trip on the Upcoming Trips section of My Concur and then click Change Trip.

How can I view the itinerary for flights I have already booked?

On the My Concur page, review the Upcoming Trips section. For more detailed information, click the appropriate trip name in the Trip Name/Description column and then click View Itinerary.

How do I change my reservation after it’s been booked?

To make changes to your seat assignment or add a hotel or car reservations to a trip, click the trip name in the Upcoming Trips area of the My Concur if you booked using Concur or The Travel Collaborative. To change your air itinerary contact your travel agency directly. Call the airline if you booked the air travel on an airline website or call the travel company if you booked the air travel on a third party travel website.

Note: When you contact your travel agency to cancel your reservation, the itinerary is not
automatically removed from the Upcoming Travel section on My Concur. To remove the canceled itinerary from the Upcoming Travel section:

1. In the Upcoming Travel section, select the appropriate itinerary
2. Click View Request and then click Withdraw Request.

Where do I view my itinerary?

The MIT Online Travel Booking and Expense Reporting System will send your itinerary to you immediately after you confirm the trip. Your agency will email your final itinerary when it is ticketed. In addition, you can view your itinerary in the Upcoming Trips section on the My Concur or Travel pages.

What are MIT’s preferred hotels? Can the agreements be used for personal travel?

MIT has many preferred hotels throughout the Cambridge/Boston area along with other cities out of state and internationally. All preferred hotels with MIT negotiated rates can be booked for personal travel by the MIT community. 

Who are MIT’s preferred travel agencies?

MIT's preferred travel agency is The Travel Collaborative, who serves as the fulfillment agency for reservations made with Concur. 

What are MIT’s preferred air carriers? Can they be used for personal travel?

Negotiated fares and discounts, for most MIT discounted airlines, are for business related travel only.

Do I need to attach receipts for airline tickets purchased with Concur?

Yes, some vendors provide e-receipts, but they may not contain sufficient detail so please attach the detailed receipt you receive from the travel agency.

What are the MIT Preferred Suppliers for car rentals? Can they be used for personal travel? Should I take out insurance?

MIT has two car rental Preferred Suppliers Budget and Avis.

These rental car companies can be used for official Institute business and also for personal travel (however, be sure to use the correct corporate ID numbers which can be found on Supplier Search). Travelers using rental cars for domestic official institute business travel should not purchase any optional insurance coverage such as loss, collision, personal accident or liability. If so, the expense will be deducted from the travel expense report, regardless of whether a preferred rental car company is used. The MIT preferred companies have included the cost of insurance in their rates, therefore, should a traveler get into an accident, MIT will be fully covered. The rental insurance should, however, be purchased for international rentals or rentals in Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Please note: MIT’s insurance will only cover travelers who rent a car for MIT business. MIT’s insurance does not extend to personal travel.

What is the difference between a Travel Arranger and an Expense Delegate?

A Travel Arranger is able to book travel on behalf of someone else via the online booking tool, Concur, and an Expense Delegate is able to submit an expense report on behalf of someone else.

How do I activate my MIT Travel Card?

Please call 1‐888‐571‐1000 to activate your card. This number will appear on an activation sticker on the front of the card issued to you. Activation code is your full employee ID number.

Can travel cards be mailed?

Yes, a travel card can be mailed to an outside or interdepartmental address, or picked up in the travel office located at, NE49-4037.

How long does it take for a Travel Card request to be processed?

The request takes five business days from the day the travel office receives the request.

Does the MIT Travel Card accumulate reward points?


Is the MIT Travel Card mandatory?

No, the card is optional. Travelers who prefer to use their personal credit card may continue to do so.

Can I get a travel advance?

No, MIT has migrated from advances to Travel Cards.