Buy-to-Pay (B2P) Online Training Series

This new online training series provides detailed information on how to use the B2P system.

Start with B2P Basics, and move on to courses on specific topics: Shopping & Creating a Requisition, Tracking & Changing an Order, Approving, Tracking Invoices & Payments, and B2P Views.

FRC Quickguide🔒

Refer to this guide to Financial Review and Control procedures.

Home Depot Tax Exempt Form🔒

Present this tax exempt form when making MIT purchases at a Home Depot store in Massachusetts.

Human Subject Gift Card Accounting Form

Use this template to record human subject gift cards.

Updated 12-12-19

Massachusetts State Tax Exempt Form ST-2🔒

This form certifies MIT's tax exempt status in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts State Tax Exempt Form ST-5🔒

Use this form when purchasing goods for MIT.

Updated July 31, 2019

Massachusetts State Tax Exempt Form ST-5C🔒

Use this form for sub-contractors purchasing on behalf of MIT.

Updated October 28, 2020

MIT Bank and Trade Reference Information🔒

MIT's Bank and Trade Reference form, updated May 18, 2021.

MIT's Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9)🔒

MIT's W-9 Form, updated July 15, 2019

Posted to this site July 31, 2019

Payment for Human Subject Form🔒

Use this form to request a payment for a human subject.

Updated 12-12-19

Request for Payment (RFP) Form🔒

Request for Payment (RFP) Form

Request for Reimbursement Payments by Check Form🔒

Receive reimbursement payments via paper check.