To request an in-person B2P training session, send an email to with the following information:

• Your name and department

• Approximate number of attendees

• Preferred date and time of training session

• Building/room for training session (if available; VPF can also host in NE49)

• Areas of interest (e.g., requisitions, change orders, approvals)

• Any specific questions

Buying and Paying

The following online courses provide detailed information on how to use the B2P system. Each course takes approximately 10–30 minutes to complete (specific times noted below). 

  • B2P: Basics
    Provides a general introduction to the MIT Buy-to-Pay (B2P) system for users new to B2P.
    Completion time: approximately 30 minutes

Complete B2P Basics before taking the following courses:

Buying and Paying

Available through the Atlas Learning Center.

Are you looking to hire an individual to perform services at MIT? This course explains when a person can be hired as an independent contractor, when he/she must be hired as a temporary or permanent employee, and why.


Buying and Paying