B2P Overview
May 10, 2017
10:00 am-12:00 pm
NE49-3100 Grand Cayman Conference Room

This 2-hour class is for members of the MIT community who will be using Buy-to-Pay (B2P), MIT's new purchasing management system. Members of the community will use B2P to create and submit purchase requisitions, manage approvals, track orders, record order receipts, and review invoices and payments.

The first 1.5 hour of class covers the basic B2P concepts and provides a demonstration of purchasing, from requisition to payment and should be attended by individuals who create requisitions (through SAPweb or via eCAT) and those responsible for approvals.

The last .5 hour of the class is for approvers and will demonstrate the processes for approving requisitions, change orders, and invoices.

Please consult with your manager about the best class date to book.