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VPF Strategic Sourcing has signed on three local companies—Access Tent, Christian Party Rental, and PEAK (formerly Peterson Party Center)—as MIT Preferred Suppliers for tent rentals and related event needs.

outdoor tent with tables and chairs, festive party

“These three highly experienced suppliers offer more than just the tent over your head,” reports Pam O’Neil, VPF Senior Strategic Sourcing Analyst. “They provide tables, chairs, linens, plates and silverware, kitchen utensils and decorations, and set up temporary sidewalks to protect the grass. In addition, they can supply staging, podiums, and lighting, and—depending on the time of year—heat or air conditioning to keep your guests comfortable in the often-unpredictable New England weather. And they know how to ensure that your event is ADA compliant and accessible to all.”
MIT rents more than 120 tents of all shapes and sizes per year. They pop up for Freshman Convocation through MIT Commencement, and everything in between, including Solve, Hubweek, Tech Reunions, new building dedications, events for individual DLCs, and Endicott House.
“Given this significant volume of business, we set out to help the MIT community realize savings on events by contracting with our major tent suppliers for discount rates and other terms favorable to MIT,” says Pam. “And just as we did with preferred caterers last year, these preferred tent suppliers will show the discount on all rental invoices so that we can track the Institute-wide savings each year.”
Pam and VPF Contracts team contract administrator Andrew Eaton worked with MIT Facilities; Grounds Services; the Campus Activities Complex; Conference Services; the Division of Student Life; Environment, Health & Safety; and other “stakeholders” to consider the Institute’s overall tent rental needs. Pam and Andrew thank Kyle Rohm, Joe Coen, Ted Johnson, Norman Magnuson, Mike Foley, Rose Durham, Scott Fleming, and Kathryn Blass for collaborating with VPF on this project.
You can find detailed descriptions and contact information for Access Tent, Christian Party Rental, and PEAK on VPF’s Preferred and Internal Supplier Search. Choose Catering and Event Planning in the Commodity drop down menu or search in the keyword search.
Pam O’Neil will be hosting a poster on “Tents and Events” at the upcoming Collaborating for MIT’s Future Poster Session.