Pam Schickling Buckley: VPF's New Senior Director for Practice and Process Improvement

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Pam Schickling BuckleyPam Schickling Buckley is taking on a new role at VPF as Senior Director for Practice and Process Improvement. Pam joins the newly formed VPF Headquarters unit and will lead a team dedicated to collaborating with the MIT community to continually enhance the financial administrative experience at MIT.
In her 27 years at MIT, Pam has acquired deep knowledge of the Institute. She understands issues from a dual perspective, through the lens of its academic units and its central administration. She most recently served as Assistant Controller at VPF (since 2014), following her prior position as Manager of Sponsored Accounting. Pam previously served as an Administrative Officer in the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE), the Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies, and the Center for Educational Computing Initiatives (CECI). She also provided financial and administrative support for the launch and first several years of OpenCourseWare’s operations.
Working directly with the Vice President and in collaboration with VPF’s five directorates, Pam is charged with creating sustained mechanisms for community engagement—designed to inform priorities for practice and process improvements—and ensuring a holistic approach to VPF’s services to the community. “Pam's diverse professional experiences and relationships at MIT have long strengthened VPF,” said Glen Shor in a recent email announcing Pam’s promotion. “She is uniquely well-suited to undertake this new leadership role focused on strengthening our connections to the community, administrative partners and one another.”
“Everything I’ve ever done at MIT has prepared me for this role,” says Pam.I am excited to now work in VPF Headquarters and with team members Karon McCollin and Jessica Fujimori and move forward on many fronts. Our sustained dialogue with DLCs across campus will inform not only our process and practices, but our priorities, and enable us to come up with answers together.”
Pam names Killian Court as her favorite place on campus, and Commencement her favorite day of the year. She has served as a volunteer at MIT’s Commencement “at least ten times, but I’ve lost count” and recommends everyone have a chance to participate in this event, which, for her, brings everything into focus. “In the end, the work we all do rolls up to one thing—helping MIT be the best that it can be.”
Pam holds a B.S. in business administration and M.Ed. in higher education administration from Northeastern University.