Online Form for State Residency

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We recently updated state income tax information for employees residing outside of Massachusetts.

Map of Massachusetts showing surrounding states

Massachusetts Residency and Tax Treatment of Non-Residents further clarifies how the Commonwealth applies state income tax residency rules and sets guidelines for determining your domicile—that is, the place where you maintain your true, fixed, and permanent home. 
This update is designed to address new questions about working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, when “home” may have changed since March. For example, if you work from a second home in New Hampshire or another location outside of Massachusetts, unless the move is permanent, you are still required to pay state income taxes on your income from MIT. The page addresses many variations on this topic and includes a link to a new online form for you to change your state of residency or indicate your income tax withholding election.
HR works closely with VPF HR/Payroll team to ensure federal and state tax withholding information for all staff is accurate and up to date. Questions? Contact VPF HR/Payroll at 617-253-4255.