Inventory Cycle - Coming Around Again

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Leo BrownThe VPF Property Office is once again making the rounds through every MIT building to inventory movable equipment, a process that takes two years to complete. This perpetual inventory of nearly 70,000 items in 105 buildings supports overall accounting of MIT’s capital assets and helps MIT comply with requirements of federal agencies and other sponsors.
Two new staff have joined the Property inventory effort and are making their way across campus, with barcode scanners in hand. Leo Browne, (top, right) who many know from his work at IS&T, joined the Property team last year and will cover both the east and west sides of campus.

Andy Stillman, (bottom, right) the newest member of the team­—and an active member of the Army National Guard—is covering the north and northwest sectors of campus. They will also travel to MIT properties outside of Andy StillmanCambridge, including the Bates Linear Accelerator in Middleton, Haystack Observatory in Westford, and Endicott House in Dedham.

As soon as this cycle is complete (in 2018), it will be time to start over again!