Have a Recurring Small-Dollar Purchase? Use Your ProCard

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If you make recurring small-dollar purchases for your DLC, you should use the Procurement Card (ProCard) instead of issuing a blanket purchase order (PO). This preferred payment method should be used for items such as dry ice, FedEx shipping fees, lab coat cleaning or rental fees, and cell phone bills.

Fedex truck

Using the ProCard for these small purchases simplifies the paying process and cuts down on invoice tracking, particularly if a supplier sends invoices to MIT that include charges from more than one department or cost object. By using the ProCard, there is no confusion as to the proper cost object, and once you process the transaction, it can go to your ProCard approver for verification.  See Purchase Using the ProCard for more details.
If you would like to apply for a ProCard, download the ProCard Application Form from the VPF website and follow instructions on the form.
If you have questions about using the ProCard, contact John Larkin, Assistant Director of Financial Operations, Processes and Compliance at 617-253-2729.
If you have questions about existing charges on your card, or need to report a lost or stolen card, contact VPF Staff Accountant Kim Harmon at 617-253-8360 or email procard@mit.edu.