VPF offers the following guidance to department administrators and staff on purchasing work-related item(s) through B2P that are shipped to employees' homes.

VPF purchasing and transaction policies and processes remain in place during this time of remote work. Administrators should use their departmental spending guidelines when reviewing/approving purchases and apply them uniformly for similarly situated staff.

DLCs may not purchase equipment for remote work using grant/contract funds unless such purchases are explicitly budgeted and approved in the award agreement.

VPF recommends that DLCs purchase work-related items through B2P.

  • Go to B2P to access MIT supplier catalogs. Consistent with MIT policies, make purchases through B2P on a purchase order. In the “Notes” section, include employee home address as the shipping address.
  • If you need to purchase an item with a ProCard, first review the ProCard purchasing guidelines at Non-Allowed Items for ProCard Purchases. Note, furniture may not be purchased with a ProCard, and equipment costing more than $1,000 may not be purchased with a ProCard.
  • Do not use a personal credit card (and seek reimbursement) for these purchases.
  • Requests to ship purchases to employees who are working outside of the U.S. will be handled on a case-by-case basis with VPF Procurement Operations.
  • DLCs may find it helpful to create an inventory of MIT-owned office equipment and furniture being used for remote work. See details here.

See Guidance on Purchasing Office Chairs and Standing Desk Converters During Remote Work on the VPF website, which includes recommendations for items that meet ergonomic requirements in a range of price points.

The VPF Property Office will track purchase orders for computers or office equipment shipped to employees at their homes and will send an inventory tag to the employee’s home for any purchased equipment priced at $1,000 or more. Employees should attach the MIT inventory tag to the new equipment. The Property Office does not tag and inventory chairs or other furniture. Any new furniture purchased with MIT funds should be added to your departmental inventory.

If you need help with general purchases, contact B2P@mit.edu.

Contact the Property Office with questions on property inventory.