DLCs may find it helpful to create an inventory of MIT-owned office equipment and furniture that is being used for remote work.

We have created the below email template and MIT-Owned Property Inventory form to assist you in this inventory effort.

Creating an inventory is optional, but it can be a helpful tool as you plan for a variety of scenarios:

  • You may need to address a transition phase if staff move to a combination of remote and on-campus work and need a piece of equipment (a monitor for example) in the office and at home.
  • The Property Office will eventually continue its biennial campus inventory of tagged equipment. We will need to know which MIT-tagged equipment is on campus and that you can account for the equipment that employees have at home. [Note: The Property Office does not tag and inventory chairs or other furniture. Any new furniture purchased with MIT funds should be added to your departmental inventory.]
  • During this time of remote work, staff may have a planned retirement or may decide to leave MIT. All MIT-owned property must be returned to MIT as part of the off-boarding process.
  • When staff do resume 100% work on campus, all MIT-owned property should be returned to campus.


Sample email text: 

Dear Colleagues,

We are taking an inventory of all MIT-owned equipment that is being used at your home due to remote policies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please download and complete the MIT-Owned Property Inventory form and list all MIT-owned computer equipment and furniture you have at home. The form is divided into two sections: items you brought home from MIT and items you may have since purchased though B2P and had shipped to your home.

Please return this form to me by [date].

Thank you for helping us to maintain an accurate inventory of our equipment and furniture.