Financial Review and Control (FRC) Application Updated

Publication Date

VPF Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) and Financial Systems teams worked with Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) to update the Financial Review and Control (FRC) Monthly Review application. Designed to improve stability and performance, the changes rolled out in mid-April include new functionality and better reporting features.

Application updates include:

  • Streamlined the navigation for easier access to reports and transactions
  • Improved the report configuration
  • Enhanced the searching and filtering options throughout transactions in a report
  • Provided the ability to switch views between high-risk and low-risk transactions
  • Added the option to mass-review low-risk transactions
  • Incorporated Buy-to-Pay (Coupa) purchase order (PO) numbers and links to Buy-to-Pay for PO transactions
  • Improved FRC’s overall stability and performance

IS&T developed a quick card to demonstrate changes in filters, customized reports, and transaction reviews and provides an overview of user interface (UI) changes.

Community members who have FRC business-related or policy questions, can email for support. For technical issues related to the FRC application, contact IS&T at