eProp - MIT's Property Database

The MIT property database, named eProp, maintains the inventory of tagged property and equipment.

eProp allows DLCs to monitor and verify equipment records using standard Brio queries. Additionally, VPF Property is able to provide members of the community with detailed reports for all of their tagged equipment.

VPF Property relies on the eProp system to manage data for nearly 100,000 pieces of equipment throughout the MIT community. In a typical year, the eProp database will accommodate an additional 6,000-8,000 property records.

MIT community members seeking access to the standard Brio reporting from eProp are asked to contact Richard Janus for more information. General questions and inquiries concerning the eProp database can be sent to

How to Dispose of eWaste

Once computer equipment has been deactivated, there are some options for disposal. They include:

Request a Report

Report requests should be directed to Mike McCarthy, Property Manager, 617-253-2779.

Surplus Equipment

Equipment Exchange and Storage Warehouse

Building WW15-197, 350 Brookline Street, Cambridge
Tel: 617-253-5611
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 10 am - 2 pm

The Equipment Exchange and Storage Warehouse offers storage to MIT departments, labs, and centers (DLCs) and also has surplus lab, computer, and office furniture. Preference is given to those who will reuse items at the Institute. There is no charge for items that are transferred back on campus. DLCs must arrange for transportation and moving. Items not claimed for transfer are sold to the general public for reasonable prices.

Please contact Michael McCarthy, Property Manager, 617-253-2779, with questions.

Fabricated Equipment

Request Account Extension and Budget Increase for Fabricated Equipment

Request Cost Object for Fabricated Equipment