General Ledger Accounts and Cost Elements

G/L accounts and cost elements classify types of revenue, expense and balance sheet transactions. The term G/L account is used in the FI (Financial) module of SAP, and the term cost element is used in the CO (Controlling) module of SAP. Departmental users most commonly work with Expense and Revenue G/L accounts. Each company code has a subset of G/L accounts based on their operational requirements.

Although most G/L accounts also exist in the CO module as cost elements, some cost elements exist only in the CO module. Examples are cost elements used for calculated costs, like employee benefits, allocations or facilities and administration charges. Similarly, there are G/L accounts in the FI module for MIT’s assets and liabilities that do not exist in the CO module.

For more information, see Frequently Used G/L Accounts or Cost Elements.

All active GL accounts ( PDF or Excel).

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