What a Deal! Discounts for MIT Employees

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Back-to-school shopping once meant buying a few black and white composition notebooks and No. 2 pencils—and certainly not anything that required power cords and connectivity. Today, with middle schoolers plugged into smartphones and teachers posting and accepting homework assignments online, the back-to-school shopping list can be daunting.


Whether you need to shop for kids in middle school or graduate school, a selection of MIT’s preferred suppliers may make it a little easier for you. MIT employees can receive discounts on personal purchases of computers, printers, and other electronics from Apple and Dell, and cell phone service from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. If you do need a few pencils and yellow highlighters or a pencil box, Staples offers a discount program too. 
Check out the Make a Personal Purchase page on the VPF website for links and contact information for suppliers currently offering employee discounts. 
Employees must pay for personal purchases with their own funds and cannot place orders on the MIT Procurement Card, combine purchases for MIT and personal use, or use the Institute’s tax-exempt number for personal purchases.
Note the Apple discount is available when ordering online on Apple’s Education Pricing site and at Apple stores with your MIT ID.