Website Feature: Collecting, Depositing, and Recording Checks or Cash

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If you process payments to MIT on an occasional or regular basis, VPF Cashier Services makes it easy for you to get the funds into the bank and credited to your cost center account quickly.
DLCs that handle payments on a regular basis can get customized deposit slips and make deposits to their accounts at Bank of America. If you receive payments by check on a one-time only or occasional basis, Cashier Services will make deposits for you. Just fill out the newly designed MIT Check Deposit Form and send it, along with the checks, to VPF Cashier Services, NE49-3000 via campus mail. You may also bring your deposit to the VPF Financial Service Center, NE49-4097, Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Donations to MIT are handled by the Office of the Recording Secretary. See Process Gift Checks for details.
Cashier Services reminds you to never send cash through the mail. See this page on VPF website (Step #1) for more instructions on handling cash.

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