Update on National Shortage of Helium

Publication Date

There is currently a national shortage of helium gas in the U.S. As a result, Airgas, MIT’s Preferred Supplier of gas products, has alerted VPF Strategic Sourcing that its contract is under Force Majeure, meaning, due to this unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstance, Airgas cannot guarantee it can fulfill its contract to MIT.

Airgas is fulfilling MIT orders but with delays. During this period of Force Majeure, labs may source helium gas from third-party suppliers but first must request and receive written consent from Airgas. Email John Jordan at Airgas to request consent.

VPF Strategic Sourcing will notify you when the Force Majeure period is lifted. In the meantime, labs should try to reduce gas usage if possible.

For any Airgas-related issue, contact Jim Bagley, VPF strategic sourcing analyst, for laboratory equipment and supplies, at jbagley@mit.edu or 617-324-8162.