Upcoming Changes to your Paystub

Publication Date

MIT is changing its process for printing and distributing paystubs and paychecks. Beginning with the August 13, 2021 weekly and semimonthly pay date paystubs and paychecks will be generated and printed by Automatic Data Processing (ADP), a leader in payroll and other business services.

The Office of the Vice President for Finance (VPF) considered alternatives to the long-standing practice of printing and mailing paychecks and paystubs onsite, and ADP was identified as a company that:

  • can provide a solution that meets Institute needs and is efficient, secure, reliable, and provides a backup system and a disaster recovery plan
  • is considered best-in-class for payroll industry practices and is used by many peer universities
  • can address the challenges MIT’s current system presents to graduating students and employees who leave the Institute, and no longer have access to Atlas
  • can free up VPF HR/Payroll staff to address customer service requests and eliminate the need for our staff to supervise the printing of paychecks and paystubs

Following a data-validation process called “prenote testing,” in which MIT will make a test deposit of $0.00 to your bank account, the switch from MIT- to ADP-generated paystubs will happen for the August 13, 2021, weekly and semimonthly pay date. After that time, employees will be able to access their paystubs by navigating to Atlas, where they will be routed to an ADP website to view their electronic paystub. Those receiving paper paychecks and paystubs will receive their check in the mail as usual.

Employees will see no change to the amount and timing of pay. The VPF HR/Payroll team will continue to process the MIT payroll, maintain all detailed HR/Payroll records on MIT systems, and answer the MIT community’s questions about payroll transactions.

If you would like to learn more about this change or to see samples of the ADP-generated MIT paystub, visit the FAQ on the VPF website.