Recording Gifts to MIT for Calendar 2019

Publication Date
As we approach the end of 2019, remember to review key gift recording dates and deadlines to ensure end-of-calendar-year gifts are recorded and credited in 2019. This is important to fulfill the intent of donors who wish to make tax-deductible gifts for 2019. For complete instructions and deadlines (which can vary depending on the type of gift and how it is transmitted), see How to Submit 2019 End-of-Calendar-Year Gifts
 Credit card gifts via mail  Monday, December 30, noon
 Credit card gifts received after December 31
 cannot be recorded as 2019 gifts, even if
 postmarked by December 31.
 Credit card gifts via phone      Tuesday, December 31, noon
 Credit card gifts online  Tuesday, December 31, 11:59 pm
 Gifts-in-kind  Tuesday, December 31, 5:00 pm
 Wire transfers  Tuesday, December 31, 11:59 pm
 Stock transfers  Tuesday, December 31, 3:59 pm

Dated and postmarked by Tuesday, December 31                
Received in the RSO/Alumni Association Office of Records by Wednesday, January 8, noon

 New pledges Dated/emailed Tuesday, December 31, 11:59 pm
Received in the RSO/Alumni Association Office of Records by Wednesday, January 8, noon

And keep in mind:  Credit card numbers must be treated carefully. If you receive a giving form directly from a donor with credit card information, hand-deliver it to the Alumni Association Office of Records (W98-200) during business hours. If you are on the phone with a donor who wishes to make a gift via credit card, transfer the call to the Office of Records at 617-253-8270. Please do not ask donors to email or fax credit card information.  
If you receive a check by mail, save the envelope in which it was sent and send the entire package to the RSO or the Office of Records in W98.

The Office of the Recording Secretary (RSO) and the Alumni Association Office of Records will be open and staffed during the holiday season to receive gifts and answer questions on the days MIT is open for business—Monday, December 23, Thursday, December 26, Friday, December 27, and Monday, December 30. The Office of Records will be staffed from 9:00 am-noon on Tuesday, December 31.
Contact the Office of the Recording Secretary at 617-253-5048 or the Alumni Association Office of Records at 617-253-8270 if you need assistance.