Paystub Format Changes

Publication Date

This August, you might notice a few changes when you review your paystub. The format has been reconfigured — and some information has been added — to provide a clearer and more comprehensive overview of your pay.
Added to this new format:

  • Current 401(k), Social Security, and Medicare earnings 
  • Year-to-date (YTD) information on MBTA subsidies and other imputed income (non-cash compensation that is taxable)
  • Clearer heading labels for current and YTD earnings, taxes, taxable earnings, and deductions

The new paystub format takes effect on Friday, August 10 for those who are paid weekly, and Wednesday, August 15 for those who are paid semimonthly. If you are paid weekly and receive a paper check, you will see the new format on your Friday, August 17 paystub.

Semimonthly Paystub

Weekly paystub