New Employment Verification Partner

Publication Date

VPF HR/Payroll is now using Corporate Cost Control, also known as CCC Verify to provide employment verification services to MIT’s employees. With this change, MIT will no longer use The Work Number (an Equifax company) for this service.
CCC Verify (an Experian company), provides employment verification information needed when applying for a mortgage or car loan, signing a lease, or applying for a credit card. CCC Verify offers fast, secure, and accurate employment and income verification directly to lenders via their online portal. 
“We are pleased to partner with CCC Verify to provide this service to the MIT community,” says Chris Durham, VPF Assistant Director for HR/Payroll and Merchant Services. “Along with providing direct information to lenders, CCC Verify enables employees, fellows, and students paid by MIT to access its online portal and create employment verification letters on an MIT letterhead template for job and immigration purposes, or create an employment verification report for a landlord or other local lender. Our team will continue to support  employees, fellows, and students paid by MIT to ensure all verification needs are met either through CCC Verify or by the VPF HR/Payroll team directly."
The VPF website section on Employment Verification has been updated with information on using CCC Verify.
If you have questions about employment verification, contact the VPF HR/Payroll team at 617-253-4255, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm or by email at