MIT signs Preferred Supplier extension with VWR/Avantor

Publication Date

The Strategic Sourcing team in the Office of the Vice President for Finance (VPF) has negotiated a new agreement to continue the Preferred Supplier status of VWR—now part of Avantor— for an additional five years.

In addition to the currently negotiated prices, VWR has added new “top 100” items to the original “hot list” of MIT’s most commonly ordered items. VWR also added 241 sustainable items with preferred pricing, which increases MIT’s “hot list” from 538 to 879 items. VWR offers additional savings between 3% and 10% on a range of lab supplies through category discounts on non-hot list items and has extended preferred pricing to freezers from brands including Thermo, Stirling, and Panasonic. MIT will continue to pay no freight pricing on orders from VWR.

You can purchase products from VWR through the Buy-to-Pay Punchout store and at the on-campus storeroom in the basement of Building 56 (56-070). If you have questions about VWR/Avantor, contact Jim Bagley, VPF’s Strategic Sourcing Analyst for laboratory equipment and supplies, at 617-324-8162 or