MIT 1098-T Forms for 2021 Available

Publication Date

The 1098-T Forms for the calendar year 2021 are available through Heartland ECSI. This tax form reports a student’s qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE). The dollar amounts reported on Form 1098-T may assist students to complete IRS Form 8863, which is used to calculate certain education tax credits that students may qualify for when filing their federal tax returns.

Due to changes in the academic calendar and COVID-19 related policies, spring term 2021 tuition was billed in January 2021, instead of December 2020. Therefore, tuition and fees paid for spring term 2021 were posted in January 2021 and reported in Box 1 of your 2021 Form 1098-T. In addition, Spring 2022 term tuition and fees posted in December 2021 and payments made will also be reported on the Form 1098-T issued for calendar year 2021.

 Contact Student Financial Services for questions on the T-1098 form.

See FAQ on the 1098-T form, which includes details on what expenses are included in the reporting form.

Note:  MIT cannot provide personal tax advice. See How to Get Tax Help on the Tax Guidance for Nonresident Aliens site at VPF.