Local Small Business Joins Preferred Vendor List for Office Supplies

Publication Date

Buyers at MIT looking to add small businesses to their procurement strategy have a new option for office supplies—Union Office Supply in Wilmington, Massachusetts. This second-generation office supply company was established in 1965 on Union Street in Boston, next to the famous Union Oyster House. Since then, Union Office Supply has grown through an emphasis on maintaining strong customer relationships while offering next-day delivery, competitive pricing, and special-order services. With a dynamic local team, Union Office Supply is poised to address the office supply needs of the MIT community.

Union Office Supply joins the roster of Preferred Suppliers following the Strategic Sourcing team’s recent competition for Office Products and Services contracts. The goal of the RFP was to create more choices for sustainable products and to introduce a small business to the list of Preferred Suppliers for office supplies. Beginning July 1, the Union Office Supply punchout catalog will be available on Buy-to-Pay and Union's representative Al Wilkinson will provide customer service to the MIT community.

Contact VPF Strategic Sourcing team member Derek Welcome if you have questions on ordering supplies from Union Office Supply.