VPF Headquarters (HQ) includes the Vice President for Finance and a team focused on identifying process and practice improvements to simplify finance administration at MIT.

The Vice President for Finance oversees the activities of VPF, providing strategic direction to ensure the office successfully executes its core functions while continuously improving finance-related processes and information for the MIT community.  The Vice President likewise works to foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment in VPF that enables it to deliver high-quality services to the Institute.
The Vice President’s role at MIT is far-reaching and diverse. In addition to leading VPF’s 165-person staff of finance professionals, the Vice President is a member of MIT’s Academic Council, co-sponsors its Research Administration Coordinating Council, chairs the Employee Benefits Oversight Committee’s Retirement Subcommittee and serves on numerous other committees including the Information Technology Governance Committee, the Committee for the Review of Space Planning, the Gift Policy Committee, and the management board of the MIT Press.
VPF HQ also includes a Practice and Process Improvement team, led by the Senior Director for Practice and Process Improvement. The team works to facilitate dialogue between VPF and the MIT community to guide the office’s priorities for improving financial processes and practices as well as promote coordination within VPF and with central administrative partners to streamline and simplify functions that cut across business units.