Going Global

Publication Date

The VPF Global Support page has been restructured and updated to reflect the range of financial services available to support MIT’s international engagements. VPF Tax and Global Operations (TGO), working closely with the International Coordinating Committee (ICC), tailored the VPF content to complement the full spectrum of international content available on the ICC site, and in turn, enable the ICC to direct the community to the VPF Global Support page for detailed financial information.


The new VPF Global Support page links to specific instructions within the VPF website to carry out international financial tasks. You can easily find financial guidance on international buying and paying, travel, tax and payroll issues, budget management, and handling foreign payments to MIT on this newly revised page.
“The goal of this project was to coordinate our respective content areas to make sure the ‘owner’ of specific content was clearly the definitive source of information,” says Long Tran, VPF Assistant Controller and project sponsor. “We want to avoid having duplicate information on two distinct sites. Now updates and changes only need to be done once, ensuring the MIT community has access to reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information on all things global.”
In addition to clarifying the correct “home” for specific content between the two sites, this project gave the VPF team an opportunity to audit all of its international content—creating new information and realigning of some key areas as a result.
“We created a new subtopic on Budget Guidance for International Programs under the VPF Budget Management topic,” reports Drew Wheadon, VPF Manager of Global Financial Operations. “We frequently help program staff with this key aspect of planning international engagements, and can now point to this page as a first step to help increase awareness about what to consider when building an international project budget.”  
VPF and ICC will continue to ensure our sites are complementary and updated frequently,” says Long Tran. “We thank ICC team members Magdalene Lee, Cecelia Wardle, and Linda Dionne for their hard work, guidance, and insights in this thoughtful collaboration.”