Extending Equipment Fabrication Accounts

Publication Date

If you have an account set up to fabricate new equipment in connection with a research contract or grant and need an extension to complete the project, VPF’s Property Office offers the following guidance:

metal fabrication shop

  • If the end date of the award is later than the end date of the fabrication, you may request an extension to a later end date within the parameters of the award.
  • If you need time, but no additional funds to finish the fabrication, it may be appropriate to request a No-Cost Extension (NCE) to the award. Please send a request to the Research Administration Services (RAS) representative on the award and copy the Property team. 
  • If the award that funded the fabrication has ended, and you have requested an extension, let the Property team know so we can hold off closing the Fabrication Cost Object. 

  See the VPF website for more information on Equipment Fabrication Accounts.
Contact VPF’s Kerry Johnson, Senior Property Inventory Assistant, at 617-324-3971 or send an email to kerryj@mit.edu with questions on equipment fabrication.