Section I

Summary Comparison to Last Year


Section II

Reconciliation of Research Revenues and Expenditures


Section III - Expenditures by Major Sponsor Groupings

Campus (By Major Primary Sponsor Groupings)

Lincoln Laboratory


Section IV - Expenditures by Category - Summary

Lincoln Laboratory



Section V - Expenditures by Category - Detailed


Lincoln Lab Summary of Operations

Lincoln Lab Status of Funds under Contracts and Grants


Section VI - Expenditures by Major Primary Sponsor Groups by School

School of Architecture and Planning


Media Laboratory

School of Architecture and Planning Summary - Primary

School of Architecture and Planning

Urban Studies and Planning


School of Engineering

School of Engineering Summary - Primary

Aeronautics & Astronautics

Biotechnology Process Engineering Center

Center for Technology Policy & Industrial Development

Center for Transportation and Logistics

Chemical Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Department of Biological Engineering

Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering Systems Division

Lab for Information and Decision Systems

Lab for Manufacturing and Productivity

Leaders for Manufacturing Program

Materials Processing Center

Materials Science & Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Microsystems Technology Laboratories

MIT-Portugal Program

Nuclear Science and Engineering


School of Engineering

Dean/School of Engineering

SOE Special Programs

Singapore - MIT Alliance


School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

School of Humanities Arts Social Science Summary - Primary

Center for International Studies


Political Science

Program in Science Technology & Society


Department of Humanities


Linguistics & Philosophy


Music & Theater Arts

Writing and Humanistic Studies


Alfred P. Sloan School of Management

Alfred P Sloan School of Management Summary - Primary

Profit & TDQM


Sloan School of Management - Academic

Sloan Academic

Sloan Division of Research


School of Science

School of Science Summary - Primary


Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Center for Global Change Science


Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences

Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research

Laboratory for Nuclear Science



Picower Institute for Learning and Memory

School of Science

Simons Center

Spectroscopy Laboratory


Whitaker College Of Health Sciences & Technology

Whitaker College of Health Science and Technology Summary - Primary

Center for Environmental Health Sciences

Division of Comparative Medicine

Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology


Interdepartmental Laboratories

Interdepartmental Lab Summary - Primary

Center for Biomedical Engineering

Center for Materials Science & Engineering

Earth Systems Initiative

Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory

Haystack Observatory

Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

MIT Energy Initiative

Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

Operations Research Center

Plasma Science & Fusion

Research Laboratory for Electronics

Sea Grant College Program

Vice President for Research


Other Departments And Special Laboratories

Other Departments and Lab Summary - Primary

Center for Educational Computing Initiatives

Chancellor's Office

Department of MASDAR

Department of MIT-SUTD

Department of Skolkovo

Edgerton Center


McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Provost Office


Section VII - Expenditures by Major Direct Sponsor Groupings by School

Campus Summary

School of Architecture and Planning

School of Engineering

School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Alfred P. Sloan School of Management

School of Science

Whitaker College of Health Sciences and Technology

Interdepartmental Laboratories

Other Departments and Special Laboratories


Section VIII - Report of Research Activities

Primary Sponsor

Research Expenditures by Primary Sponsor

Research Expenditures by Type & Category - Primary Sponsor


Direct Sponsor

Research Expenditures by Direct Sponsor

Research Expenditures by Type & Category - Direct Sponsor