Beckman Coulter Punchout Catalog Now Available in B2P

Publication Date

The catalog for Beckman Coulter, an MIT Preferred Supplier for laboratory equipment and supplies, has been upgraded from a “hosted” catalog to a punchout catalog in the  B2P System.

Beckman Coulter logo

MIT purchasers can use the punchout catalog to see full details and latest pricing for all items, take advantage of promotional offers, and order directly through the B2P system. The extensive Beckman Coulter catalog contains more than 100 pages of equipment, supplies, reagents, and instruments.

You can find more information about Beckman Coulter on VPF's Supplier Search. If you have questions about ordering from Beckman Coulter, contact VPF Strategic Sourcing Analyst Jim Bagley at 617-324-8162.