B2P Release 18

Publication Date

The B2P upgrade to Release 18 (R18) is complete as of Saturday, September 16, at 11:00 am. The following fixes and enhancements are included in this release:

  • For requisitions or invoices split among cost objects, Approvers will need to click Approve only once (rather than for each spending group)
  • All __.mit.edu email domains (e.g., eecs.mit.edu, space.mit.edu) will be able to receive email notifications
  • To Do’s list will update once approval or other action is complete
  • Filters for supplier and commodity will be available in hosted catalog search
  • Comments can include ”mentions” of users (e.g., @johndoe), which sends an email notification to the mentioned user
  • Names of all Approvers will be visible in hover text for groups in Approval Chain (rather than the first five Approvers)

Watch a one-minute training on these and other changes here.

Questions? Reach out to the B2P Contact Center at b2p@mit.edu or 617-253-7000.