4.00 Carryforwards

Academic units receive automatic carry forwards of unspent dollars into the next fiscal year. This policy does not apply to Institute-funded cost objects for which the unit is not directly accountable, such as RA tuition and SEIP subsidies, department and section heads, lab directors and NSF shortfall. Budget officers communicate with all DLCs during the year-end closing process to determine carry forwards.

Administrative units are required to submit a request to the Executive Vice President and Treasurer (EVPT) to carry forward unspent budget dollars. The deadline for the carry forward requests will be announced by B&FA in June (deadline is usually the second week of July). BF&A will compile the requests, submit them to the EVPT for his or her approval, and communicate that decision back to the department. 

Carryforwards are posted to NIMBUS and subsequently to SAP after approval.