3.00 Sabbaticals

Following six years of full-time service, faculty members are eligible to take sabbaticals for scholarly research and study. The faculty member will receive one, half-year leave at full salary, or a full-year leave at half salary. While a faculty member is on sabbatical leave, his or her salary is paid from the Employee Benefits (EB) Pool. In cases of sabbatical leaves that last for an academic year, 50 percent of the salary is paid from the EB Pool. Therefore, the maximum amount paid from the EB Pool is limited to the faculty member's one semester salary. Since the faculty member will not be paid from the department's General Institute Budget, VPF Budget and Financial Analysis (B&FA) makes a non-base budget reduction equal to 60 percent of the faculty member's salary and EB. The remaining 40 percent is left to fund replacement teaching.

In September each year, B&FA contacts the Deans' Offices and requests lists of faculty members who plan to take sabbatical leave during the academic year. Final approvals for sabbaticals are made by the Provost and generally communicated in each school’s annual budget approval letter. B&FA processes the applicable reduction to each department's budget for 60 percent of the faculty member's salary and EB. Faculty members on sabbatical leave, provided they are not a Department or Section Head (those are detailed below), are paid from cost center 1698000 (EB-Sabbatical Leaves) and B&FA regularly reviews monthly charges in this cost object.

If the faculty member is a Department or Section Head, his or her salary should continue to be paid from the Department's Department or Section Head cost center. For chair holders on sabbatical, the Provost's Office processes salary and EB reductions for the same 60 percent the Institute would if the faculty member were paid on a general account. If the person is not entirely supported by the chair, they scoop 60 percent of the amount charged to the chair and leave the other 40 percent for replacement teaching.