2.00 Student Extended Health Insurance Plan (SEIP)

This plan went into effect on September 1, 2004. The goal of the plan is to separate the payment of the SEIP for students funded by MIT as RAs, TAs and Fellows from the student stipend.

RAs and TAs whose total support per term (salary and tuition) is 50% or greater of the total cost of a student per term at standard Institute rates would fully quality for the SEIP benefit.

  • The SEIP for each qualified student is charged to a department RA Tuition and Medical Insurance cost object. The department should budget the cost as non-base at the time of budget submission. GL Account #422313 (RA Extended Medical Insurance) should be used.
  • The SEIP budget will be added to the department TA SEIP cost object by Budget and Financial Analysis (B&FA) based on the information provided by the Provost’s Office. Therefore, the department does not have to include it in the budget submission.

See the Provost's memo on SEIP.