1.00 Research Assistant (RA) Tuition and Salaries

Research Assistant tuition and salaries are divided among sponsored research WBS elements, funds non-sponsored internal orders and General cost centers as follows:

  • Salary is budgeted in the appropriate sponsored Research/fund sponsored cost object (WBS element) or fund non-sponsored internal order. For more information on budgeting WBS elements or internal orders, please see the Budget Preparation Guide on the NIMBUS Launcher page.
  • 50% of the RA tuition for the academic year is budgeted as non-base to the general cost centers assigned to the department. Most of these appear in the cost center range from 1703200 through 1709999.
  • 100% of summer tuition for RAs not registered for thesis or pre-thesis units is budgeted to the relevant WBS element or fund non-sponsored internal order.