Sourcing and Procurement Documentation Required From Vendors


Per federal and state requirements, MIT must have a W-9 or W-8BEN form on file for a vendor or else MIT must withhold federal and state taxes from any payments to that vendor.

Non-US Entities

For all new non-U.S. individuals MIT requires a W-8BEN and a Vendor Registration Form before the vendor can be setup in our vendor database.

W-8BEN is required for non-resident aliens (Individuals who are neither citizens nor residents of the U.S.) or 30% of the payment will be withheld.

US Entities

A W-9 should be completed by “Citizens, Residents (Green Card holders or individuals that pass the Substantial Presences Test (SPT) or entities organized under U.S. law. A W-9 is required or 28% (Federal) and 7% (State) of the payment will be withheld.

Vendor Setup & Documentation

Members of the MIT community are asked to work with their buyers in Sourcing and Procurement to make sure W-9 or W-8BEN forms are submitted and are on file for all vendors. As a reminder, the W-9, W-8Ben, and Vendor Registration Form should be completed by the vendor. Also, members of the MIT community should attach these vendor documents to the requisition.

Vendors and members of the MIT community may contact at or 617-253-7241 with any questions.

Download a blank W-9 form >>

Download a blank W-8BEN (Non-U.S. Individuals) >>

Download a blank W-8BEN-E (Non-U.S. Entities >>

Download a Vendor Registration Form >>