November 2008 AO/FO Meeting

At the Administrative and Fiscal Officers (AO/FO) Meeting Nov. 5, Provost Rafael Reif spoke about his collaboration with the deans of the five MIT schools as part an Academic Visioning Initiative. Reif said MIT stands strong in the face of global economic conditions in part because of the interconnection of its five schools. Each is an elite school in its own right, he said; collectively, the schools form a truly unique force in confronting the world's greatest challenges.

This was the first AO/FO Meeting in two years. It provided Executive Vice President and Treasurer Terry Stone with an opportunity to highlight the themes and overarching goals of her office.

She said the Office of the Executive Vice President and Treasurer is committed to providing services that are worthy of MIT; to developing a comprehensive, transparent financial framework; to contributing to a culture of decision-making at MIT that integrates financial, strategic and operating considerations; and to becoming the model of a highly diverse, highly committed work force.

The meeting also featured a panel discussion concerning the impact of the economy on MIT and presentations by Vice President for Finance Israel Ruiz, Vice President for Human Resources Alison Alden, and Richard Amster, Jr., director of Campus Planning, Engineering and Construction.

Stone pledged that moving forward AO/FO Meetings would occur twice a year. Look for details in the coming months on the next AO/FO Meeting.

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