VPF Statement - March 2013

Selection of Source and Price Justification Requirement Increased to $10,000

The requirement for documenting the selection of source and price justification has been increased to $10,000 for MIT purchases. Increasing the threshold will significantly lower the number of goods and services that require this piece of documentation. VPF Sourcing and Procurement has worked closely with MIT sponsors and auditors to implement this change. As a first step, members of the MIT community may download the new form and save it to their desktops.

A few additional changes will accompany the threshold increase. First, the requirement for written quotes now applies to purchases exceeding $50,000. Written quotes should always be attached to a requisition whenever they are available or when the requisition does not include a clear and precise explanation of the item being purchased. Second, the drop-down options for Selection of Source and Price Justification have been revised based on community feedback. Please be sure to evaluate all of the options when completing the form.

VPF Sourcing and Procurement reviews this form to ensure that purchases are in compliance with federal guidelines regarding vendor selection and price justification.

A completed Selection of Source and Price Justification form should be attached to the requisition when it is submitted through SAPweb. Vendor quotes, selection of source forms, contracts, and other documents can be submitted electronically along with the requisition. Requisitions submitted with the proper documentation will be processed to generate a purchase order. If additional documents are needed, a procurement representative will contact the submitter.

When completing the form, please refrain from using Mac Preview. Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat will provide the complete functionality for electronic submission.

The new Selection of Source and Price Justification form is now available for download on the VPF website. Community feedback regarding the revised form is greatly appreciated and may be sent to procurement@mit.edu.

Appointment Process Enhancements for SAPweb

The SAPweb interface that manages human resources (HR) transactions will undergo a planned system update on April 4. The new, improved functionality will include the ability to edit and copy a transaction and an enhanced comments feature.

As a reminder to APR users, SAPweb HR transactions will be offline beginning on April 4 and will be fully operational again by noon on April 5. All other SAPweb transactions (Purchasing, Accounting, etc.) will be available during this time.

Enhancements include:

  • Approver: Reject, Return to Initiator or Edit Transaction
  • Initiator: Edit Returned Transaction
  • Copy Transaction: Initiator and Approver (limited to those created after this release)
  • Comments: Will now include an audit log of changes made to a transaction

The Appointment Process Redesign project has worked to automate HR transactions within SAPweb. MIT administrators generally use this interface to process hires, terminations, and other appointment actions. The HR transaction pages can be found on SAPweb under the Employees tab, though access is limited to authorized administrators. If you have questions about these changes, please contact HR/Payroll ( payroll@mit.edu or 617-253-4255).

Enhancements to Time Sheet Approval System

New functionalities for Time Sheet Approvers were available in SAPweb as of March 1. As a result of the system enhancements:

  • Time Approvers and Time Administrators may now enter late time sheets directly through SAPweb for eligible inactive employees and students.
  • New absence types and restrictions are available for Industrial Accident/Workers Compensation.
  • A new validation occurs when Sick Leave Without Pay is entered and the employee has an available sick quota balance. Note: The Sick Leave quota balance should be zero before "Sick Leave Without Pay" is used. This validation only generates a warning and will not block the time sheet from saving.

View the Quick Card (PDF) for additional details and screen shots or contact the HR/Payroll Service Center ( payroll@mit.edu, 617-253-4255) for assistance.

Consolidated Dunning Email from VPF Travel

Beginning in late March, Administrative Officers (AOs) will receive a new dunning email format from VPF Travel. The email notification will be generated through a new process to ensure more accurate reporting of unexpensed MIT Travel Card charges. Additionally, card administrators will notice a reduction of dunning emails, as they will be consolidated into one monthly email.

MIT Travel Card holders and administrators receive a dunning email for unexpensed transactions greater than 60 days that are not assigned to Concur reports related to future travel.

The new dunning email format will include a list of transactions that require action by the cardholder. For AOs, the dunning emails will include listings for each of their DLC cardholders with outstanding transactions. Previously, AOs received separate emails for each cardholder.

Cardholders receiving dunning emails should visit their Concur profiles to complete their expense reports. Unexpensed charges reside under "My Concur" in the cardholder's "Available Card Charges" box. For department cards, the unexpensed charges reside under the expense delegate's account.

If you have questions regarding the dunning process or need help with an expense report, please contact VPF Travel Operations Coordinator, Kara Sechrist. As a reminder, VPF Travel holds weekly drop-in sessions for Concur expense reporting each Wednesday, 10–11 am, in NE49 (Little Cayman Conference Room, 3rd floor). All members of the community are encouraged to attend and may bring current work for assistance.

New Appointments-related Alert Notification, Cognos Reporting Capabilities

MIT has implemented an automatic notification to alert administrators when an employee's paid appointment has expired. The primary Human Resources contact for a department, lab, or center (DLC) would receive the notification on the 15th of each month when an employee has an expired paid appointments that should be terminated or extended.

It is important to submit termination transactions for employees with expired appointments in a timely manner. Not doing so poses compliance issues and saddles the Institute with unnecessary administrative fees. In conjunction with the new notification, MIT has enhanced capabilities for Cognos reporting on paid or unpaid and expired or expiring appointments.

Please contact hrpay_welcomecenter@mit.edu with any questions about the new notification, the appointment process, and HR-related Cognos reporting. You may also visit the MIT Knowledge Base to learn more about Cognos reporting.

Tax Notes: Looking for W-2 or 1099-HC?

W-2s for Former Employees

Current MIT employees may obtain their W-2s online through SAPweb Employee Self-Service (ESS), but individuals who worked at MIT in 2012 and no longer work here do not have access to SAPweb ESS. MIT mailed hard-copy W-2s to these individuals in January. The W-2s were mailed to the primary address on file with HR/Payroll.

It is sometimes the case, however, that the address on file is not current or, as with student and faculty employees, that the individual is temporarily located elsewhere. Former employees who have yet to receive their W-2s are encouraged to contact HR/Payroll ( payroll@mit.edu, 617-253-4255), which can provide W-2 copies by mail.

Looking for your 1099-HC?

Individuals filing tax returns with the state of Massachusetts are required to demonstrate coverage under a health insurance plan. Coverage may be demonstrated by submitting a 1099-HC form, which insurance companies provide each year to covered individuals.

Wondering where your 1099-HC is? Individuals who have not received this form should contact Blue Cross, using the customer service number on the back of their card. This is the case, whether individuals are covered under the MIT Choice Plan or the MIT Traditional Plan. Learn more about the 1099-HC form >>

Training Opportunities

VPF will provide two introductory training sessions in April. Both sessions are scheduled for April 23 in NE49 (Grand Cayman Conference Room, 3rd floor):

  • Introduction to Sourcing and Procurement, 9-10:30 am
  • Introduction to Travel & Expense, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm

Please register for these sessions through the MIT Learning Center. In addition to these introductory sessions, VPF provides online training on an array of topics, and VPF staff members are available to provide customized training to departments, labs, or centers (DLCs). Request a customized training session >>

MIT training resources for administrators are just a click away.

Lynda.com is another great option for training -- MIT community members have access to over 1,000 online courses.

Procurement FAQ:

Q: How do I obtain authorization to aprove purchase orders on a cost object?

A: A manager or supervisor may request authorization for an individual to spend and commit funds, approve requisitions, etc, for a cost object by emailing business-help@mit.edu.

H/R Payroll Key Dates | March 2013

HR Employee Transactions: March 20 - 5 pm

eSDS Cutoff (Weekly): March 25 - 12 pm

eSDS Cutoff (Monthly): March 28 - 5 pm

For complete details regarding the timing of HR/Payroll monthly closings and important dates, visit the online schedule.

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